Below are available options for commissions along with prices. To contact me about getting a commission done, please head over to the contact page and simply fill out the form. I will respond within one business day with a follow up email and we’ll go from there.  I take payments through paypal and will send invoices to handle payments. 

For pieces under 50$, payment in full is due upon completion. For orders 50$ and over, a down payment of 50% is due upfront, the other 50% due upon completion.

(click on images to enlarge and see the full sample)


A quick clean sketch of your character.

portrait– $45

half body– $55

full body– $65

veatathumbfurrythumbfrankithumbSimple Color

A simple colored over sketch in a soft, watercolor style.

portrait– $55

half body– $65

full body– $75

madokathumbkleothumbothumbInk and Color

A fully inked and colored piece.

portrait– $100

half body– $150

full body– $200


A cute little drawing of your character with tiny chubby proportions.

sketch– $40

line art– $50

color– $60

fighternologoCommercial Work

I am available to to do pieces for your commercial project. This includes site graphics, illustrations for books, character design and more. Please shoot me an email for more information and prices. Prices vary from project to project.