Below are available options for commissions along with prices. To contact me about getting a commission done, please head over to the contact page and simply fill out the form. I will respond within one business day with a follow up email and we’ll go from there.  I take payments through paypal and will send invoices to handle payments. 

All commissions require a 50% downpayment prior to starting the commission unless discussed with me and an agreement has otherwise been made. Licensing for commercial use on pieces done is an additional 15% fee ontop of the price of the commission. 

All character commissions come with a free token upgrade, perfect for character sheets and virtual tabletops. 

(click on images to enlarge and see the full sample)


A quick clean sketch of your character.

portrait– $50

half body– $65

full body– $75

veatathumbfurrythumbfrankithumbSimple Color

A simple colored over sketch in a soft, watercolor style.

portrait– $65

half body– $75

full body– $85

madokathumbkleothumbothumbInk and Color

A fully inked and colored piece.

portrait– $100

half body– $150

full body– $200


A cute little drawing of your character with tiny chubby proportions.

sketch– $50

simple color– $60

color– $70


eyeEmotes for use on places such as discord servers and twitch. bubbleslimesm

Static-$30 each
Animated-$40 each Stickers

Stickers for your discord server.

Static-$50 each
Animated-$100 each

Animations for twitch alerts or other similar graphics also available. Prices vary depending on animation complexity.

fighternologoCommercial Work

I am available to to do pieces for your commercial project. This includes site graphics, illustrations for books, character design and more.  Either per piece pricing or hourly rate pricing.