Holiday 2020 Commissions

We’re nearing the end of October, and I know it’s a bit early to start talking about holidays, but I have important information for holiday commissions for the year 2020.

If you are looking to have commissions done in time for the holidays, please place your order(s) by the end of November. Depending on how many orders I receive, I may be unable to complete anything ordered after that.

I’m offering specific commissions options for this holiday season. I will have my usual commissions options open, below is a selection of options I believe to make good gifts. Head over to the Contact Me page to place your order.

Character Portraits

Perfect for character sheets, profile images, and character tokens for your online tabletop game programs.


Small stylized icons for social media use. $40 Each.


Full body character illustrations.


Chibi character drawings. $50 Each.

Emergency Portrait Commissions

newprofileiconI will be taking  a handful of simple portrait commissions to cover bills and groceries to get my family through to next pay day. These are inked with simple colors on a square canvas, perfect for setting as your profile picture or icon on social media or chat clients.  The price is $20 USD each.

To get one, fill out the form below or send an email to Once your request has been confirmed, I’ll send you a paypal invoice and get started on your commission.